Wednesday, June 9, 2010

maker's mark

maker's mark
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I recently ordered some new stamps specifically to mark the inside shank of rings. The stamp shanks are bent and the face of the stamp is slightly curved so that it will be able to stamp the inside of a ring. They work really well on flat sheet, but I have yet to try them on a curved surface. (the first stamp is missing the first and last letters because of the curved shape) Vincent at Spark's Stamps in Long Island, NY hand tooled these stamps and shipped them to me very fast. I received the stamps one week after I placed the order! Here the website: I am wanting the earring post stamper! DROOL!

My circle stamp is made by Buckeye Engraving. Rachael Sudlow, a fellow Metalsmith, was kind enough to help me design this with the "s" of my first name encircling my last name. I am also pleased with this stamp--but it is only suited for flat surfaces. Buckeye had my stamp to me in a bit over a week from the time I first placed the order.

Both places do high quality hand-tooled stamps at a very reasonable price. These stamps range in price from $80-$105.

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