Wednesday, June 9, 2010

maker's mark

maker's mark
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I recently ordered some new stamps specifically to mark the inside shank of rings. The stamp shanks are bent and the face of the stamp is slightly curved so that it will be able to stamp the inside of a ring. They work really well on flat sheet, but I have yet to try them on a curved surface. (the first stamp is missing the first and last letters because of the curved shape) Vincent at Spark's Stamps in Long Island, NY hand tooled these stamps and shipped them to me very fast. I received the stamps one week after I placed the order! Here the website: I am wanting the earring post stamper! DROOL!

My circle stamp is made by Buckeye Engraving. Rachael Sudlow, a fellow Metalsmith, was kind enough to help me design this with the "s" of my first name encircling my last name. I am also pleased with this stamp--but it is only suited for flat surfaces. Buckeye had my stamp to me in a bit over a week from the time I first placed the order.

Both places do high quality hand-tooled stamps at a very reasonable price. These stamps range in price from $80-$105.

Metalsmith Suite itunes App from Brynmorgen Press

While I was at SNAG this year in Houston, I got to talk with Tim McCreight about new technologies  to aid metalsmiths.  I was really excited to see how forward thinking he was and how readily he embraced technology.  He mentioned that he was working on an iphone app relevant to metalsmiths.  While poking around on facebook this morning, I saw the announcement of this new app, entitled Metalsmith Suite.  It is only $3.99 for the first 50 who sign up.  The program has nine calculation programs and three additional information resources.  I linked each calculation and information resource with the Brynmorgen information sheet that includes screen shots of the program. 

 The nine calculation programs are:

cost of shot, cost of sheet, cost of wire, casting needs, drawing length, tubing blanks, metal conversion, gold alloying, equivalent numbers 

The three additional resources:

metal properties, gem properties and instructions.

I have downloaded the app, but I have yet to install it to my iphone.  I have lost the cord to sync it with my computer.  (I suspect my husband has hidden it from me--not true, but since he is the true techie in the household, he does hide stuff so I don't lose it.  He will have to fix it! :D)  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Next Show in Richmond, Virginia

New Pendants....
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It was lovely to have a show last weekend in Charleston, SC for the Piccolo-Spoletto Festival. I love the old downtown and the fabulous new (but kinda scary at night) bridge. The show organizers were so good to the vendors and supplied us with lots of water and gatorade. On Sunday, they even organized a gourmet brunch for all the vendors and volunteers. With all the talented artists showing their work, I was fortunate enough to get "Honorable Mention."

This week I've been working on some new pieces to take with me to my show in Richmond, VA on June 12th and 13th. The show is called "Art Awards" and will be held at the Richmond, VA Raceway.

I'm thrilled that my oldest daughter loves to travel with me. She is getting the hang of selling and its fun to see her engage the customers. She is charming and knows my work. I remember how much I loved to travel with my father to help him with his antique shows. It was a chance to see the world and to meet new people.

If you live nearby, please come out and say "hello"!