Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home for a few weeks...

I am home for a few weeks after an intense marathon of doing four back to back Art Shows. I do enjoy meeting all my customers and seeing their faces light up when they find the right piece.

ART SHOW Highlights:
At TACA in Nashville, Tennessee I met a woman who commissioned me to work with her on designing her wedding band with diamonds from her family. We decided on a tidal pool type of ring with a wide band with the diamonds set in rose gold. I am so excited to begin work on this.

At the St. James 4th Street Art show in Louisville (where I won an honorable mention prize), I met a lovely woman and cancer survivor and who unbeknownst to her just happens to be my new muse. (insert a smile here) She has incredible creative energy and I immediately connected with her and her daughter. She bought a hammered organic circle pendant with a champagne diamond in an 18k gold bezel. My mother and sister live in Louisville, so it was nice to get to visit them.

In Waynesboro, VA at the Fall Foliage Art Show I was thrilled to win 1st prize in the jewelry category. Its wonderful validation when your work gets recognized in a public way. Plus prize money is always a bonus! I don't know who does it, but the kettle corn popcorn at the show was the biggest and fluffiest I have ever tasted.

Stockley Gardens Art Show in Norfolk, VA was a great show and I got to room with fellow jeweler, Dolores Fawkes and her sister Pauline, who specializes in lampwork beads. The Virginia shows are closer for me to do than the Asheville NC shows, so I'll be looking for more shows in that area.

Now that I am home, I have taken my art show pieces and have them for sale at Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts located in the Cotton Exchange, Wilmington, NC. If you are in the area, stop by to see my larger pieces of work. On Tuesdays, I work in the gallery as well--so feel free to come by and say hello! Now I will have to get to work on my commissions. :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ring A Day Book by Lark Books!

I just got back from doing two back to back art shows, and was so thrilled to open a package with my "Ring a Day" book inside! "Ring a Day" is a beautiful book full of images from cover to cover. With its field guide type of feel, this book is brilliantly edited by Marthe Le Van and demonstrates the project's breadth and endless variety of rings. Some rings are novel, some are funny, some beautiful, some challenge practical notions of what is a ring.

For the reader--it is a book of inspiration, imagination, and a visual snap shot of the creative process. For me, it is eye candy. I have several rings in the books as well--so I'm slightly inclined to be in love with this book!!! Enjoy and be inspired!