Friday, October 31, 2008

New Mountain Series

Last week I went to the mountains to meet my EtsyMetal friends at a Gemshow in Ashville, North Carolina. I got some exquisite gemstone beads and loose stones that I am thrilled to get to use in my work. It was estatic to get to meet these metalsmiths in person and I really felt a sense of belonging being in their company.

I got to meet Danielle Miller from, Maggie Joynt from, and Beth Cyr from

My husband asked if I took any pictures of the leaves, but I didn't need to take pictures because I was taking it all in and I knew that it would come out in my work. After the gem show, we went to eat and then I drove an hour away to Maggiejs store in Dillsboro, North Carolina. I am in love with this quaint little place and I must say that my heart aches to go back. Maggies store was artful and cosy and looked as if you took the mountains indoors.

It was a gruelling trip driving 6 hours there and driving back the next day at night took me over 12 hours. I had to nap a lot! One of the highlights on the way back was having a great waffle at a Waffle House somewhere in South Carolina smothered in butter and syrup.

These women are amazing artists and fine people. I am so blessed to have met them! Please check out their etsy stores for your holiday shopping!

Friday, October 17, 2008

HOLLA: bcyr jewelry Birthday Sale!!! Today only!

Today is the Birthday of someone I've very honored to call a friend, metalsmith Beth Cyr. Her organic and nature inspired work features reclaimed materials fashioned with traditional smithing techniques. Not only is she a talented metalsmith, but she is also a gentle, kind and loving soul. In order to properly celebrate her birthday, Beth is having a 40% off sale with free shipping in her etsy shop. I hope that you will take advantage of this one day sale and stock up on Christmas presents!

I am in love with her tree bark rings and hope to get one like this someday!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jewelry Contest by Ashley Akers!!!

I absolutely love Ashley Akers jewelry! Right now you can go to her blog and register to win some of her handmade jewelry!

I've entered her twitter contest! I'm learning how to "twitter"--I must say that it looks like fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anole lizard just hatched

My husband checked the lizard egg that he has been watching and noticed that it hatched. We couldn't resist taking pictures of this little thing! This is newly hatched anole lizard, which are a type chameleon that are common in the southeastern coastal area. They grow to be about 3-4 inches long and have beautiful color. this one fit on top of your fingertip! When angry or threatened they turn browish black. When happy they are a lovely shade of green. During mating season the males blow up the bottom of their throat, which is a bright red color used to attract females. They can "drop" their tales when threatened to escape an enemy. My cat still terrorizes these pretty little lizards.