Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enigma Garnets

This piece is one of my favorite pieces that I have made. I show it a lot, but I have been very reluctant to sell it. (I am wearing it a this very moment--I will sell it too if you are interested!! The time that goes into setting the garnets is still enormous. Well, perhaps I should challenge myself to set stones in several pieces and that might make the process go faster. I drag my feet because these pieces have not sold as quickly as I would like them too, so I'm sort of afraid to put more time into them. This is part of the risk of being an artist. I should just get over myself and do it. When have I ever shied from risk? I do have good instincts--so yes, I'll do it. Today begins my challenge of quicker bezel set stones. They will sell with the right buyer--You are out there!!! Ready or not here I come!!! I started out with a jewelry making dream nearly 4 years ago and I have been surprised with the enormous positive response. One of my closest friends is also my biggest patron (see first blog). Its hard to have much self-doubt when I see her and she thinks that everything I do is brilliant. Truly I wish everyone had support and angels in their life as I do. I am truly blessed with a creative life and my dear family and friends. You know who you are. Without you, my life would not be possible.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Day

Today I was trying to get around to my design with hearts on a pendant, but I got stuck making some heart hoop earrings. I also wanted to get these done, but alas I didn't get everything on my list done. There's still tonight! I am pleased with how this photo turned out. I experimented with light--used natural light, but also put a cloth up to have less shadow. The stone I use in my photos was found outside by my 1 and a half year-old son. I love this stone--color, shape, size and texture. My daughter picked up every stick when she was a toddler and now my son picks up every stone. Perhaps I need to do a piece themed "sticks and stones".......Aha! the inspiration I needed!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Art Promotion

I have spent all morning trying to get organized to promote my art online. I haven't even made anything today. I do have lots of ideas though...sometimes I wake up with them.......Pehaps if I stay up all night, I'll get some new work done. I just got accepted into the etsymetal group from the online handmade market place I've been trying to navigate all the new technology there to promote my pieces. I have an etsy store that shows my work online ( This piece is called understated moonstone and the light hit the matrix just right. One of my best friends bought this piece before I had a chance to show it.