Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Crafty!

Maggie J's "falling leaf earrings"

This weekend I'm traveling to Asheville to participate in The Big Crafty at Pack Square. I'll be outside, so if you are in the area please look for me! It was such a fun show last year--I'm really looking forward to it again.

Lark Books has a really cool blog and included my etsy store front in their blog post about the event. I have many new things to show you and I'm thrilled to feature my "lily pad & reed" series.

I'm organizing my life at the moment and if I get a second wind, I might make something special for the show! I'll travel to the western side of the state and stay with my friend Maggie, who will also do the show. (Maggie will be set up inside and upstairs in the Asheville Art Museum.)

I love to travel to see my friend and to have a show. Its work, but its so much fun that it doesn't feel like work! I hope that if you live nearby, you will come and see us! (me and maggie, that is!)

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