Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Chilli my Chihuahua

Okay for just one day I want you to meet my brave 3.5 lb Chihuahua. Chilli is the sweetest and fiercest dog ever. He is at my feet or in my lap as I work. When I sleep he is nestled down under the covers behind my knees. Lately he has taken to curling up in my plastic storage boxes scattered around at my feet. He sings when I teach voice lessons and he barks long and loud when anyone comes to the door. He is a bit pampered and has to be hand-fed. Graham my 3 year old does a great job at giving Chilli the best part of his dinner. He is often overshadowed by my love for cats, but I would really miss his constant presence. He has a sweet face and it always looking for warm lap.

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