Monday, February 1, 2010

Experimetal's RAD no. 22: My favorite Ring a Day

rad 22 (left)
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Since the beginning of the year a group of international artists have been participating in a project to create one ring a day for 365 days of 2010. We have abbreviated our "Ring a Day" title to simply "RAD." We post our work on flicker in a "Ring a Day" group.

So after 31 days of straight ring making and 228 members, I had to pick one, only one favorite ring to blog on for the blog carnival. There were so many rings that I wanted to pick as my favorite ring of the day, but this one by Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal, really left an impact on me. This ring is so perfect to me in many ways. To begin with it is visually appealing in its industrial setting. I can't help but to see a bit of the 1980's version of "Superman" here. Perhaps the fond nostalgia I have at seeing "Superman" with Christopher Reeves on the screen for the first time as a young girl impacts this decision. Nonetheless, It is brilliant how Experimetal anchored the beads in this setting and then echoed the crystal towers look in the setting with the strips of sterling on the sides. Sometimes my head spins when I see another one of her pieces. She has a vision and endless creativity that I admire. To me, and she would hate that I would say this, is one of the most talented metalsmiths I know. Her work is cohesive, skillful, playful, and is distinctly hers. I hated to pick just one ring from all the other smiths out there, but there is something in this piece and in her body of work as a whole that really resonates with me. To see the rest of her work on flicker click this link.

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ClickNCamera said...

You are very gifted! Thanks for sharing your rings...enjoy your day!

Lynette said...

I love victorias work too!

Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

Sara, you are so right....Vic is exceptional! She has a wonderful eye for detail, her craftsmanship is perfect and her design sense is flawless! We love you Vic!

Victoria Takahashi said...

hey thank you guys!
thank you sara(no H)

Victoria Takahashi said...

ok im being serious now.
your words are so kind and sweet, and i really thank you for the generous write up :)
thankyou sara.