Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ring a Day nos. 1-9

Ring a Day nos. 1-9
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I've really loved participating in this challenge. They say that a habit is not truly formed until you have been doing it 21 days. These self-imposed limitations help me to work. Everyday I'm inspired to see what my friends make. I'm the kind of person who won't go workout unless I have to meet my friend there too! This challenge makes it fun and I feel that all my friends are there plucking bits out of the collective consciousness. I really wanted something that would allow me to be creative a little bit every day. So far I'm not selling my collection yet, but I can remake most of these for anyone who just has to have one!!! If you want to see more rings from a lot of different artists, then check this link to the RING a DAY.

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Anonymous said...

Your rings are fantastic! I love all the textures and the patina and stones. It really looks like a series.
You're inspiring me to rethink my decision not to make rings. Yours are so wonderful!