Friday, April 19, 2013

Wedding Season is Here! Come celebrate it with me!

I have always loved weddings--and I have been to many weddings--some very traditional and some very non-traditional in which the bridesmaids dressed in their favorite comic character/heroine! For me the act of two people pledging their commitment, friendship, and love for each other is very moving and an enduring sign of hope.

I've been excited about the low prices of metal--so why not celebrate it during my wedding season with sales on my wedding bands!

photo by Ben Forster
This picture was taken at an Etsy customer's wedding by photographer Ben Forster.  What a wonderful photo of my square wedding rings These rings were created for my friends April and Mic, who are still blissfully married!

artist photo
At the Orange Street Arts Festival I met a sweet young couple who were both actors.  This was the wedding set created for Tia and Matt which reminded them of tree bark.

handmade round wedding bands, artist photo
Each set of bands are listed in my Etsy shop for $50 off regular prices.  I don't know how long this sale will last, so order soon!

Thanks again for reading!


April Dwiggins said...

I still love the rings you made for us, the love of a friend that went into crafting them makes them so much more special!

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