Monday, February 20, 2012


Today my heart is filled with gratitude. I finally have received a reprieve from chronic nerve pain from my back injuries. I am still in some pain, but it is manageable. I am out of my neck collar from my last neck surgery! I am in the metal studio and getting back to work--albeit slowly--but I'm working. Thanks for all your patience. I've been feeling stuck and a bit blue from having to take time to heal from my December 21st cervical neck surgery.

Today, I noticed that all three of my Kiva Loans have been repaid, so I decided to use that money for new loans. Kiva is an organization that lends money to third world entrepreneurs to help them help themselves. It goes where the communities that are most impoverished by war, internal conflict with no government infrastructure. These people cannot get any aid--period. These loans are given in $25 increments by donors like you and me. Its much more than just a donation, these donations are loans that actually get repaid. For me its extending my hand to friends across the world who I just haven't met yet. With programs like these I hope to do my part to help out. I hope that you will consider lending $25 to help.

Here are some of the loans I've contributed to:
Saran from Sierra Leone
Margaret from Sierra Leone
Galeh from Sierra Leone (pictured above--her loan still needs funding)
I wanted to pick women from a region that has been so dreadfully torn about by the diamond trade. Since I'm a jeweler, I felt that this was a fitting place to begin. (Note: I use after-market diamonds in my work)

Another great way to spread Kiva is to purchase $25 gift cards in which the recipient picks their own loan recipient. After the loan is repaid, they can cash it out or reinvest it into another candidate. Thanks again for reading my post. I hope that you might be moved to do one small random act of kindness.

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Sasmita said...

Sara u r a fantastic designer! I wish get well soon :)