Thursday, May 20, 2010

HELP! Missing bracelet

May 4th UPS reported that they left a package at the front door of my former address.  I was in the middle of moving to our new house and neglected to contact the publisher to correct the address.  I guess I thought that the address change was all we needed--but that only works for USPS and not UPS.  (It is my fault for not updating my address, but I was so overwhelmed with the whole moving process).

Roman Ruins was a piece that I made for a publication to be released this coming October. I am offering a $200 reward for anyone who returns it to me--no questions asked. just reply to this blog post. The photo is a sketch of piece.  This is my first piece to be published and I'm very sentimental about it.

My neighbors have not seen it and the new owners have not seen it either. When it was delivered, the new owners were not living there yet. I would be overjoyed to find this piece.

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Tiffany Nelson said...

I hope this gets returned to you.