Friday, June 5, 2009

What inspires me....

My work graphically represents my life. I have come to see my striving for the "perfect and happy" life as a clean form, and all the divergent paths and unexpected detours as the cutting away or crumbling of the original form. It is the acceptance of life as it comes--usually messy, unpredictable, and tragic--can lead to a new kind of beauty with richness and depth that only wisdom of experience can afford. I only now have words to describe this part of my experience that has been in my work for some time mostly because forms and shapes come more easily to me than words. I celebrate life in its chaos, juxtaposed with the eternal striving for order. Those universal themes are what resonate so sweetly to me when I work.

My first "signature piece" was an accident! I was wanting to drill holes to create a "moon ring" but instead the drill bit was dull and wreaked the whole ring. My sweet husband suggested that I salvage the ring by cutting around the unsightly hole in an artistic way with my saw. Even after it was done, I could only see my mistake. Now I don't see it that way, I see it as serendipity or a happy accident. It was the first in my Roman Ruins series.

My style is still developing as I learn more skills and venture further into experimentation. I am enjoying the process and feel that I have lifetime of learning and creating ahead of me.

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