Monday, February 4, 2008

Art Promotion

I have spent all morning trying to get organized to promote my art online. I haven't even made anything today. I do have lots of ideas though...sometimes I wake up with them.......Pehaps if I stay up all night, I'll get some new work done. I just got accepted into the etsymetal group from the online handmade market place I've been trying to navigate all the new technology there to promote my pieces. I have an etsy store that shows my work online ( This piece is called understated moonstone and the light hit the matrix just right. One of my best friends bought this piece before I had a chance to show it.


Chris Parry said...


A blank canvas is the scariest of all things.

Good luck with the blog.

sarawestermark said...

I put you in my treasury under mermaidstones artsy earrings. I'm pleased the the composite picture!
Thanks again for all your help! :D