Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Favorite Tools from SNAG

During the SNAG conference I frequented the vendors' rooms and keep looking at tools.  When I get home I will order the 2 of the red saws from Rio Grande.  I used it on my ring a day project while I was here.  It cuts better and is lighter than anything I've ever used before.  I also enjoyed trying out the textured hammer on the "stool stump" with a huge anvil.  For me the red saw is a must have tool.  (Knew Concept Jeweler's Saw in 3", 5" and 8").  I got to meet Bill Fretz and ask many questions about his line of hammers and stakes.  I am interested in looking into the ring doming set of bench stakes.  Mark Nelson is the Rio employee who is on the youtube instruction videos, (most recently in the video on using the swantstrom cutter to make a seamless ring) recommended some tools for me to add to my "want" list.  He suggested a hammer handpiece 15-D for setting cabs and a Bench Mate kit.  I hope my husband reads this because my birthday is at the end of this month!

I also liked the layout of the Rio sales booth, it was easy to see the tools and benches were available to watch people work.  The folks at Rio were helpful, easy going and nice to talk to, plus they are great dancers!  (I had no idea that so many people would dance!  Many danced until the DJ finished).  They are truly committed to service and that really shows.

Knew Concept Jeweler's Saw from Rio Grande 5"

Textured hammer 

bench stump and beautiful anvil

I am going to sort out my finances and save up for a Potter hydrolic press from Otto Frei.  I got to meet the maker, Kevin Potter and makes his own presses and die plates.  On the way to the conference I studied Susan Kinsley's Book on Hydrolic Die Forming.  (You can still buy it on Amazon from the author for the original list price). Potter Presses are exclusively available at Otto Frei.

Kevin Potter and his 20 ton hydraulic press

Bracelet form on the press

Handmade Stakes and Forming tools by Potter

Custom Dies for the Potter Press

Otto Frei Durston Mill 4" 

Otto Frei  Electric Sparker

I already have one and I love it!


Jaime said...

Looks like so much fun! I think I would be in tool overload, everything and anything would be on my wish list!
Thanks for the great reviews and pics

Ashley said...

I just got the Hydraulic press book and am going to delve into it asap! Thanks for sharing all the cool tools.