Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Going to my first SNAG Conference!

Tomorrow morning I take a 7 am flight to Houston to attend my very first SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) Conference.  One of the first things done at this conference is the legendary "pin swap".  Its a meet and greet event in which the members trade pins that they have made.  I made over 50 pins out of copper, sterling pin backs and large fresh water pearls.  I'm really excited, nervous and nearly ready to go.  

I'm torn with leaving my family.  At first it sounded like a really great Mom only vacation, but now I'm getting a bit anxious that I will miss them terribly.  Of course they will get along fine without me for a few days.  (I'm going to keep telling myself that!).

One highlight for me is that I get to wear Erica Stankwytch Bailey's extraordinary recycled junk mail necklace.  It is spectacular.  I will try to post pictures while I'm out there.  

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Leslie said...

Have a great time!