Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Custom Cross Pendant

I have been wanting to make a cross in my Byzantium style and yesterday I finally got the opportunity. It was my turn working as "shop girl" as my part of being a member of a Co-op gallery, Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts. After a long day of restocking my work, making sales and wrapping packages, a customer came in and asked if I made any crosses. I didn't, at least not yet.....

I have had one in mind for a long time, but custom orders tend to take priority over creating new work. So these crosses never got made. I tried to guide him to other jewelry shops in the Cotton Exchange, but they didn't have what he had in mind. I decided that this would force me to make a piece that I've been wanting to do for 2 years. So I asked his price range and I it was enough for what I had in mind. I sketched what I have been thinking about for so long and I was excited when he liked it too.

Tonight my customer picked it up and was thankful that I made it so quickly. It was just what I needed to get this piece out of my imagination. I got to meet his sister when he visited the Cotton Exchange and I loved talking to her about goats and kale. It is very rewarding to do something that is so meaningful. I just knew it was the right thing to do.


Amelia Jones said...

That's absolutely beautiful! I love your blog and I'm following now ;)

Amelia x

Coco. said...

Es precioso¡ Cómo podría conseguir uno así?