Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspiration comes in packages....

RAD 148 Inspiration packages
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Today I received a very special surprise from Experimetal (aka Victoria Takahashi). Inside the box were these little packages. Just as I was getting ready to rip them all open, I spied a note with the "rules".
"If you open a package you have to use it, OR use it for inspiration and make a piece within 24 hours.

NO PEEKING! (Fondling counts as peeking)"

So, I decided that I could handle one little challenge before my trip to Seattle tomorrow, so I selected one in the middle of the bag and opened it up. I found this gorgeous rock with the natural hole already in it. I loved the shape and wanted to play with it as a ring.

I've decided to call them my "inspiration packages".

It was an idea that Kathryn Riechert began when she sent a package to Victoria. Its very fun and playful. I feel like a kid again--caught up in my play.


genie marie said...

Oh I love it!!

Victoria Takahashi said...

im happy sara, when kathryn sent me my pack i was so honored and then i quit :(
But im back and my first day back i opened one of the packages she gave me and it was pretty fun to have to play "a game."
Nina Gibson sent me a rad pack too, so I am feeling geared up and ready to go!
woot woot!!!!!
i hope you have fun with it sara!!!