Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Craft Corps" by Vickie Howell

I am addicted to people's life stories and especially their successes. I normally do most of my reading via audio books when I'm traveling, but I've come across a book that has made me want to sit down and study it! "Craft Corps" by Vickie Howell published by Lark Books is a colorful and engaging book about the lives of hundreds of crafters. The tag line says it all, "Documenting the Crafting Revolution" with "celebrity interviews, profiles of everyday crafters, and tales of making a creative life." I am fascinated with the grassroots community and their overabundant dose of Do-It-Yourself combined with ingenuity. I love that this book instantly captures my attention and makes me want to read more. I think that you will love it too!

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