Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Stringed Lute EMPR 7:3

This weeks' inspiration piece for the EtsyMetal version of Project Runway is a two-stringed lute from the Pacific Oceania. It was fun to work with a familiar shape. This is a shape that I'd like to explore further!


smiley said...

I enjoyed your exquisite works on Flickr for months - and recently, i fear i developed quite a crush on your Ring#25.
Would you kindly advise me, how could i(if anyone could) order such a beauty? i've browsed though the web - yet i did not see any email address or site links to contact you directly..
Your fan (out of army, i bet, of thousands) - Lydia

sarawestermark said...

Please contact me via my etsy store.

I can make you a copy of RAD #25. For now I'm keeping all the RADs. I've been a bit sentimental about this project. You will need to log in to etsy but its free. choose the option to start a conversation. My user name is "sarawestermark"
remember--sara with no "h" :D