Sunday, August 23, 2009

CHARM SWAP 4 Work in Progress

Work in Progress by Charm Swap creator, Experimetal

This summer twenty of our members have been working diligently on the 4th generation of Etsy Metal's Charm Swap charms. Charm Swap 4 participants make 22 charms for the swap with 20 to trade with fellow members. The two extra charms from each of the twenty participants will be available for sale at our etsymetal store. All sale proceeds go towards a charity designated by members of the charm swap. The deadline is fast approaching (August 31) and everyone is keeping me updated with their own works in progress.

Box charm by Quercus Silver

Pierced Flower charm by Blazer Arts

Beginning of Flowers on Vines by Bijougirl Designs

Beginning of the Tree Charm by Kathryn Riechert

Silver Acorn Cap Whistles by Aubergine228

Soon to be stamped dandelion charms by Nina Gibson Designs

Riveted industrial skyscrapers by Maggiej's

Jigsaw Charms by Sara Westermark

Cast Organic charms with Rough Diamonds by Beth Cyr

Pinwheels by Nova Designs

To see charms from earlier swaps, please visit the Etsy Metal Store.
Thanks to all the participants for all your hard work on Charm Swap 4.

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Alicia Istanbul said...

Everyone's charms looks so good. I can't wait to get mine. I think I'm going to participate in every charm swap we ever have. Thanks so much for organizing it, Sara!