Sunday, February 15, 2009

Etsymetal Charm Swap 3

CS3 in progress 007
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I am very excited to be the curator of the Etsymetal Team's Charm Swap 3. There are about 80 members in etsymetal team and the first 20 to sign up to volunteer to make 22 charms (2 for sale in the etsymetal store to benefit etsymetal) are now making charms. We are 2 weeks away from our deadline and I can really see many of the ideas begin to form. I have been so impressed with the designs and ideas that my team have been working on. I will put together a bracelet from the EM3 Charm Swap and it will be for sale in the etsymetal store. I will also have the second set of charms listed for individual sale in the etsymetal store. This way you too can collect and take part in our excitement of our collaborative effort.

These are my charms in progress. They are made out of recycled copper and sterling silver barbells. I love to roll metal with my favorite leaf texture and then form in different ways. Another one of my loves is to use sterling silver barbells in my work. The charms still aren't done. I'll do some final clean up filing, polishing and add a jump ring to these little leafs.

I'll try to blog about each member as they finish their charms.


rachellucie said...

Sara, I love those leaf charms!

sarawestermark said...

thanks so much--they are 75% finished! 22 is a lot of any one thing to make!

sophie (duckduckgoosestuff) said...

and speaking as someone who is lucky enough to own a larger version on bracelet, I can say that they are TREMENDOUS. :) :) :)