Friday, November 14, 2008

Keep eyes open for SALE

Well, I'm gearing up for a huge Holiday sale in my etsy store. I want to sell the old stock, so that I can be motivated to make some new pieces. Sooooo, keep an eye out for some of my old works to be on sale in the SALE SECTION of my etsy store.

Yesterday was lovely at Port City Pottery. Once I was all set up it was fun to greet everyone. Hans remade our wedding cake for our event (not looks, but taste), complete with hazelnut layers, apricot preserves and swiss buttercream. It was lovely and reminded me of our wedding! (I didn't tell him that it kinda slid in the car and the sides were all messed up) I think that was his signal to say "I miss you sweetie" because I've been working so hard lately. Everyone at the event loved it--I made sure that I had 2 pieces! YUMMY!

Louise did such a beautiful job organizing the event and it was lovely to see all her work out in one place. She has such gorgeous scarves and wraps. I'm not a wrap wearing person, but I'm really contemplating one wrap in particular.......I'm not going to tell which one.

So after all of this sale stuff, I was feeling completely beat, but I had to go to a rehearsal for the installation of a new rector at St. John's Episcopal Church. Now most of you know that I'm a classical singer too. I was going to help with their choir at the last minute, which is typically called being a "ringer". I was exhausted and hoped that I could muster some energy to sing. Anyway, Lisa Nichols runs an organized and fun rehearsal and has a dedicated group of singers, so it was fun to sing with them. Everyone was so happy to have me there and was so complimentary of my singing--made me feel like a super star! (Don't worry Larry, I'd never leave you!) It was a lovely way to end the busy day.

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Scarf It Up! said...

Lovely blog entry! Thanks to you for your energy and enthusiasm - you helped keep ME going last night! Do you have a photo of the cake? I'm blog-ready but need photos. Did you take any of the set-up?

The wrap.....! Well, it's here! Maybe someone will be a kind Santa!

Kudos to US on a great show in a great space with great artists!