Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have made a slew of hoops. Very simple round and hammered hoops. Somehow it seems very theraputic to just think with my hands. I begin with 19 gauge sterling silver wire and I wrap it around a dowel rod, or some cylindrical object with the desired diameter for the hoops. I snip the wire after two loops and "voila" I have two semi-curved pieces of wire. Then I take my wire rounders and make tiny loops on one end of each of the wires. Then I take a chainmaille or needle nose pliers and bend the loop to a 90 degree angle from the wire. I put both around the dowel and coerce into a round shape. Then I take a file (like a metal nail file, but for metal) or fine grit sandpaper (300) and file the sharp edges off of the non-looped wire end. Then when I get the shape I want, I take my favorite little hammer and gently hammer the bottom of the loop to give strength and thickness. Be careful to leave a centimeter or so of unhammered wire at the end that goes into the ear. I'm a fan of the brushed/satin finish, so then I take a green 3M scrubby kitchen pad (dry) and briskly brush the metal. The final step is to wash, dry and wear! You can also make a plethora of gemstone drops to dangle from the hoops! Have fun!!1

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